Critical Care Response Teams (CCRTs)

Critical Care Response Teams (CCRTs) extend critical care beyond the physical walls of the intensive care unit (ICU), regardless of where a patient is located within the hospital.

Critical Care Response Teams (CCRTs) also known as ‘Medical Emergency Teams’, ‘Critical Care Outreach Teams’ or ‘Rapid Response Teams’, are a major innovation in hospital practice. Comprised of specially trained critical care practitioners, CCRTs work collaboratively with hospital staff to identify, assess, and respond to the needs of seriously ill patients prior to the development of progressive and irreversible deterioration. These teams apply the principles of acute medicine and resuscitation across the hospital and bring specialist knowledge and skills from the ICU directly to the bedside on a 24/7 basis.

CCRT Training Program (E-learning)

The CCRT Training Program was created to address CCRT members’ requests for additional education and training. This online program is free of charge and is accessible at any time, which means that CCRT members can learn at their own pace. This program is beneficial for both new and experienced CCRT members looking for a quick refresh of soft skills. The program is comprised of five chapters, each with a focus on CCRT consult specific skills.

  1. Introduction to Critical Care Response Teams
  2. The Scope of a CCRT Consultation
  3. Ethics and CCRT
  4. Conflict Resolution
  5. Crisis Resource Management

The CCRT e-learning course is currently unavailable.

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